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how to create a todo list

Many people think that becoming successful can only be achieved through a top secret formula and that this formula is only available to a limited number of people. The only part of this statement that is true is the one saying that success is achieved through a formula. I will discuss a small, but extremely important, part of the success formula here.

Everyone can be successful, but no one is willing to do enough in order to achieve success. David Brinkley once said that a successful man is the one who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks others have thrown at him.

The first and most important thing into becoming a successful person is to have a clearly defined goal. Without a goal, you are like a ship sailing without a destination port.

Clearly Define your Purpose

Napoleon Hill, the man who studied the lives of successful people for more than 20 years, acknowledged in his book, Think and Grow Rich, that definiteness of purpose is the key whenever you want to achieve something in your life.

So, if you have a clearly defined goal, you are good to go. Now comes the tricky part.

A study conducted by George Miller in 1956 showed that human beings are capable of only retaining 7 clusters of memory at a time. It means that you can only have a maximum of 7 things in your mind at a time. James Borg, who wrote Mind Power, says that people generally have between 60-80,000 thoughts per day. Some of these thoughts are conscious, while others are unconscious.

What can you do if you have so many thoughts and can only hold 7 of them at a time?

It is simple. Write them down!

Out of that huge amount of thoughts your mind expresses each day, there are very high chances that many of these thoughts are positive and can bring something good in your life. But, as they come, as they go!

There are countless of stories of successful people who accomplished their most desired dreams by writing down all their good ideas and thoughts. Some of them are Karl Albrecht, the founder of Aldi and the #18 richest man in the world with a net worth of $26 billion, and Brian Tracy, the self-development guru. Here’s a very short and specific video of Brian Tracy telling you how the most successful managers are able to be excellent multi-taskers:

Simple as 1,2,3…

Now, here is a simple strategy on how to become more productive and achieve all your goals:

1. Make a “to do list” on what you plan on doing tomorrow, this month, or this year.
2. Set priorities for the most important tasks to be achieved first, while the less important to be achieved last.
3. Every time a great idea or thought comes through your mind, do not wait and write it down quickly.

If you follow these 3 easy steps, you will become more powerful and more productive. As you go along the way, you will realize that this great power was always there, but you never thought of harnessing it.

To support the power of writing down goals and ideas, I want to tell you that whenever you do so, your mind puts a sense of urgency and it starts brainstorming on all possible solutions to get those tasks or ideas done.

Nowadays, you don’t need to carry a spiral notebook and a pen with you all the time. It is simple to create “to do lists” because all smartphones have a “notes” application. Here are 15 best notes applications for your Iphone and here are 5 notes applications for your android powered device

Please tell me how did you achieve or how do you want to achieve your craziest dream?


1. Brian Tracy – The Power of Self-Confidence

2. Leo Babauta – The Power of Less: The Fine Art of Limiting Yourself to the Essential…in Business and in Life

3. Ron Wolfson – God’s To-Do List: 103 Ways to Be an Angel and Do God’s Work on Earth

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  1. Meena says:

    This is wonderfully useful—thanks for this a positive system for getting organized. Sleep & diet is so important. One note: if you have OJ for breakfast, you ARE having carbs—orange juice has carb content 25g per 8 ozs of OJ!

    • Chris Chris says:

      Hey Meena, you’ve probably wanted to post to another article the part with orange juice at breakfast.

      I’m not sure where exactly I made that as a recommendation, but yes…if you wish to be on a very low carbohydrate (ketogenic diet), you should avoid oranges since they are sweet (due to their high fructose content levels).

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