T – (Rx) – The Testosterone Protocol

T-(Rx) – The Testosterone Protocol

On Achieving True Male Status


Testosterone is the male hormone that turns boys into real men. It’s what makes your voice thicker, your muscles bigger, and it’s what helps you burn fat more rapidly. It’s what makes you stronger, it’s what makes you grow more hair than women, it’s what gives you sexual desire and it’s what makes you representative of the true male status.

Normal T levels allow you to efficiently build muscle and subsequently burn fat (under appropriate training protocols and other interventions). T is positively correlated with higher libido (women can sense it too) and dominance (studies are confounding).

Lower T levels are often correlated with: higher central adiposity, depression, erectile dysfunction, insulin resistance, lower bone density, lower libido, lower sexual desire, higher risk of CVD, dyslipidemia, as well as many other disorders you don’t want to know of.

My favorite quote: Bigger belly in men => lower T => higher estrogen levels. Your belly fat turns you into a woman.

T – R(x) follows my journey on increasing my testosterone levels (in a 6-months period) through different natural interventions, such as:


1. Well formulated Very-Low-Carb-Low-Calorie-Ketogenic nutrition (no carb-loading)

2. Heavy Lifting Protocol + HIIT Protocols (sprinting and calisthenics)

3. Intermittent Fasting

4. Cold Thermogenesis (you will hate it)

5. Supplementation

6. Fixing the circadian clock (reducing artificial light exposure, fixing cortisol, going to sleep early, etc)

7. Lowering exposure to non-native EMF

8. No masturbation (sex is allowed)

9. Thoughts on alcohol consumption


I also tell you how the advent of technology impacted the male status over the past 100 years and how males today are not real men (in my opinion).

The guide is 40+ pages long and it starts with my motivation behind writing it. Then I talk about the biochemistry of T in the human body. It may be boring, but it’s a “necessary” evil. Then, I am giving you my protocol.

What is different in my approach is that I did it under a low-calorie very-low-carb-ketogenic nutritional protocol. I did not carb-load.

Most of the folks talking about naturally increasing T draw a critical attention on not restricting calories and on the necessity of eating starchy carbohydrates every once in a while due to their effect on insulin, and the subsequent effect on growth mechanisms through insulin and mTor pathways. Well, I say it’s possible (at least for me) to use a different approach.

T-(Rx) does not include boner pill prescriptions and/or recommendations for hormone replace therapies (HRT).

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