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smart reading

Brian Tracy, the famous motivational speaker who provides consulting for many businesses and individuals and who has written several dozens of books, brings out the importance of reading by saying that it: commits the individual to lifelong learning, it gets you to the top in five years, and it helps you reach the top 1% of money earners.

Brian says that one can go through 50 books each year if he spends one our each day on reading. This will add tremendous to your knowledge.

Marion Kopmeyer has studied the lives of successful people for more than 50 years. He concentrated his studies in 3 large volumes that you can find here. Kopmeyer concluded that one of the most important success principles is to learn from the experts.

And what other way of learning from experts is better than studying their books?

Assuming that you have one field you are interested in, do a search on the most successful people in this field. Find their books and read them. There is only a matter of time until you’ll land among them.

There is no point in doing it the old way through trial and error when you can just take the most important principles in a field and apply them.

Tony Robbins, who has raised a fortune of more than $400 million from personal development, speaks in his book Awaken the Giant Within about the concentration of power and its unlimited benefits. He advises that people should focus their attention only on a specific field (for example: starting a business in sales).

From all these principles and advices and also from personal experiences, here is a way on how to become successful and achieve all your dreams (no matter where you are at the current moment):

1. Decide on the subject(s) (a maximum of 2,3 subjects) that you enjoy most doing.

2. Write them down on a sheet of paper.

3. Do an internet search on the most successful people in this field.

4. Find their books (Amazon is the largest online book retailer)

5. Get them and start reading.

Here are some very, but very, important tips to be efficient in reading them.

1. Take a pen and start interacting with the book (highlight portions of the book, ad notes, circle paragraphs, etc)

2. After reading the book it is very important that you come back every once in a while and read the portions you highlighted, underlined, or noted. This will totally boost your knowledge and will put you in the top 3% of the most successful people.

3. Try it.

Here are some subjects and best sellers that you may be interested in:

Business and Investing – these books are for anyone who wants to start their own business or start investing

Computer and Technology – these books are for the ones passionate about technology, internet, creating websites, monetizing websites, doing search engine optimization, etc.

General Best Sellers – these are the best sellers of all time.

Health, Fitness and Diet – these books are good for fitness trainers, for the ones who want to loose weight the right way, for the ones who want to increase their level of health and physical fitness, etc.

Law – these books are good for accountants, for lawyers, for attorneys, and any other person passionate about law.

Parenting and Relationships – these books are for the people who want to become the best in social relationships; they also represent great resources for parents who want to be successful in the relationship with their children.

Politics – here are the best sellers in politics, social sciences, philosophy, anthropology and other social sciences.

Personal Development – these are the books from which you should start your journey to success. They represent the foundation of a happy and long-lasting life.

Each of these categories are subdivided into other categories so that you are able to find the best sellers for your specific subject. If you are not able to find the right subject for you, please email me and I will help you.

Here’s a video on the importance of reading on a subject:

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