Recent Physique Update and Lifestyle Changes – [September 2017]

This is a quick video of my physique as of September 2017. Since my last one from early August, I have made some significant changes in my lifestyle.

First and foremost, I stopped intermittent fasting and I’ve been eating at least 3 meals a day every since. With IF I tend to lose fat on an ongoing basis and that’s not what I want for now. On the contrary, I want to put on some weight and I don’t mind if part of it is fat.

The last IF protocol I experimented with was one meal a day. It was really hard to sustain (eating all your calories for the day in one meal can be unpleasant – think of bloating and extreme satiety and fullness) and it wouldn’t serve the cause of me wanting to gain weight, like any other IF regimen for that matter.

IF works well when I want to lose pounds and, with proper adjustments, it can work for weight maintenance. One meal a day can be a powerful strategy for very busy people who want to shed pounds.

Anyhow, with 3+ meals a day, I was able to easily up my calories by about 800-1,200 kcals/day.I only gained some modest weight in the first 2 weeks (probably some water retention due to higher carbs?!) and I seem to hover over it ever since. I might have to increase calories and/or plan some very high calorie days.

I significantly increased carbohydrates and protein and I’m doing 3-4 weight-lifting sessions per week (one hour plus cardio per session). I am also relative active the rest of the days: cycling, walking, dancing are to name a few activities.

Eating 3+ meals a day can also be a pain the ass, so I’m curious to see how long I can sustain it…


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