Recent Blood Work – One Year in Ketosis

Recent Blood Work - One Year in Ketosis


Those of you following the blog know the many aspects of my keto journey. I’ve been doing a lot of blood testing throughout the past year and here are my latest results.

Recent Blood Work - One Year in Ketosis - Table 1

And here’s a comparison with previous values taken over the past year:

Recent Blood Work - One Year in Ketosis - Table 2


Most of the dietary interventions and other lifestyle interventions that I’ve been gone through since May 6th, 2014 have been described in TRX.

Fasting glucose levels are still in the normal range. I should probably also test for insulin levels…

Serum calcium levels have recovered and slightly improved since I started the ketogenic lifestyle in late September 2013.

Triglyceride levels are decent, meaning the body is efficiently breaking them down for the fatty acids and ketone metabolism.

HDL has improved since the last test, while LDL has slightly increased, but still remains in the “normal” range.

Additionally, as I’ve been learning about the importance of Mg activity at cellular and sub-cellular levels, I wanted to test it too.

I also started measuring the highly sensitive CRP (hs-CRP) which is a marker of inflammation. Folks usually measure CRP, the values that you see in the table that are <6. But hs-CRP is a more accurate measure so I was curious to check it. I believe that cold thermogenesis plays a significant role in reducing inflammation.

My T levels are in the upper end of the “normal” spectrum which validates the interventions that I’ve taken to improve it over the past 6 months. It’s been stable at ~800 ng/dL since the end of July 2014.


The visible aspects of one’s health may be misleading and not describe the entire picture sometimes (hint: the skinny-fat or the very lean body builder with crashed T levels).

I think it’s really important to experiment, undertake interventions, and test to see how changes occur based on the interventions made.

Even though there are many more tests that I should have taken (which I consider important), I did not do them yet because some of them are quite expensive and I may not be well aware of their implications. I’m still studying….

….and experimenting


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