Post Weight-Lifting (and HIIT) Fuel under Ketosis – Fat Protein Strawberry Shake

There are many keto-adapted athletes and lifters who do not consume pre/post-workout meals, but they do their training in a fasted state.

I do it most of the time. I even trained after 24+ hours of IF. And it’s been great. I only did this in ketosis. I don’t know how it’s like to train in a fasted state when you run mostly on carbohydrate metabolism.

When summer comes (like now), how can you just ignore the strawberries that winkle at you every time you pass the corner near your local market?

This is my simple recipe of strawberry protein shake that I consume after my Big 5 sessions (more details on keto nutrition and performance in Ketone Power).  ==>

I have to admit that I’ve been inspired by Phinney and Volek’s book in preparing this fat protein shake. So, thanks guys!


Post Weight Lifting (HIIT) Keto Supplementation

150g strawberries

1 cup (27g) of isolated whey powder

1.5 tsp of potato starch

2 tsp of coconut flakes

100g of plain yoghurt

I also added coconut oil (1 tsp) and some heavy cream as you can see in the following image.

This is an example of post workout supplementation under ketogenic nutrition. I usually have it after heavy lifting and hiit sessions

Here’s the end result:

Post Weight Lifting (HIIT) Meal Under Ketosis

I added the coconut oil to enhance ketosis (because ketone production is diminished while working out) and I also added the potato starch because it’s a good way to consume it raw and avoid tasting it (some people do not like its taste).

The carb content is ~15g of net carbs and if you’ve just finished your heavy lifting or HIIT routine, it will not impact your LCHF or keto nutrition at all.

What do you think?

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2 Responses to Post Weight-Lifting (and HIIT) Fuel under Ketosis – Fat Protein Strawberry Shake

  1. Dan says:

    Vegetables and seafood like oysters do this. Oysters and other seafood and meats can act as prepiotics and even more so when not masticated and swallowed hole.
    A healthy gut is primordial and very important to good health.
    I haven’t had a need or desire for “safe starches”. So far whole foods and choices have been serving me well. And those other little guys as well I suspect.

    • Chris Chris says:

      The bad thing about me is that I do not enjoy eating sea food. That’s why I’m taking omega 3 supplements. Yes Dan, oysters and see food is amazing! It can help with a ton of issues…I’d recommend reading Dr. Jack Kruse’s blog as well and you’ll know more about the science behind this.

      I wasnt too far out reaching for RS either. But reading and documenting more on the microbiota and seeing that it doesnt impact my ketosis, I consume it every once in a while 🙂 I’m not sure if we’re friends on FB but you seem to be very well into body building. How does keto fit into the picture Dan?

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