Physique Update – January 2017 [Video]

This is a very short video of my current physique. I keep these to track my changes through time, if there are any.

To add a bit of context, I’m currently eating in a 3 hour feeding window, restricted to late afternoon and early evening. It is very convenient for me because I can focus on other aspects of life through the entire day. I do my workouts (lifting) usually between 9 to 12 in the morning, for an hour that’s anywhere in this timeframe. Sometimes I workout earlier and sometimes later as I don’t want to habituate my body with any kind of routine. I am usually at least 14-16 hours fasted when I go to the gym.

As pre-workout I have 6.5 grams of C4. I also consume coffee through the day, sometimes sweetened with a small stevia pill (non-caloric) and some other times unsweetened. I don’t put oil in my coffee; sometimes I add a touch of milk – half an ounce for the compulsive quantifier.

There are days when I drink decaf. The idea is that my only constant is change, an idea that developed throughout my book Stress and Adaptation in Physiology.

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