Physique Update and One of my Best Workouts this Year – [Nov. 2016]


Nov. 26, 2016: I just had one of the best workouts of this year. I’ll detail the context as I find it interesting and I think it may be useful for future reference (my future reference).

Yesterday was a low-calorie, very-low-protein day (1,489 kcals, 46g protein).
It was a workout day as well (lifting).
I finished eating at 6 P.M.
I had ~370ml of red wine at midnight.
I didn’t sleep as much as usual; when I consume alcohol at night in the context of low-calories, I’m more energetic the next day.
I took a 10 minute very cold shower before workout, circa 10 A.M.
I had 6g pre-workout (C4) and a capsule of green tea extract.
I was in the gym, lifting for almost an hour and a half.
I took another (this time longer) cold shower after finishing the workout. I don’t recommend anyone doing this.
I’m still having a hard time understanding why/how good the workout was.

Now, creatine, caffeine; and food circa 2 P.M. – after 20 hours of fasting.

Video version of physique update: here.

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