Perturbations in my Lifestyle – Letting go of Limiting Beliefs – Part 2 [Apr. 2017]

I have a curious nature. I like to experiment with new stuff, instead of keep pushing the same belief buttons ad-infinitum. This helps me, to a certain extent, to remain remote of dietary cults. More importantly, my reward centers are hot when I try new experiments with food and exercise.

In this post I’m going to briefly describe what I’ve been experimenting with over the past few weeks. I’ve written a similar post about a year ago…

The List…

  1. I’ve maintained a daily fasting/feeding split of 19-21/5-3.
  2. I’ve increased energy-in by ~600-800 kcals, probably even more because of inaccurate self-under-reporting/tracking. Hence, I upped the number of meals from 2-3. And it’s kindof hard to eat as much food (2,100 – 2,700 kcals) in as little time. But it’s very pleasurable, in a hedonic way, if you’re maintaining (no weight-gain/weight-loss plan).
  3. I’ve increased protein intake. I was low-to-very-low-protein before this experiment, and now I’m going to the other side of the spectrum: trying to eat 110 to 160 grams of protein, and sometimes even more, depending on whether I’m lifting or not in that day. That translates to roughly 2-3 grams of protein per kilogram bodyweight. To me this is very high, but by other people’s reference this is not high. I eat more nuts, more meat, and more eggs.
  4. Despite eating a lot of vegetables beforehand, I also bumped my consumption and variety of vegetables (literally, pounds per day). I’m generally between 35 to 50 grams of fiber. Here’s an example video of a ~2 pound combo-mix from a few months ago…
  5. I’ve also been eating higher carb foods (started this earlier last year – in 2016); stuff like rye bread (this thing is literally black), potatoes, and others. Turns out, I have no issue with gluten – after all (!limiting beliefs).
  6. I’ve reduced alcohol intake to mostly once per week, 2 glasses of red wine.
  7. Supplementation is at minimum with cycle (on/off) periods: fish oil, magnesium, creatine, and some zinc. I’ve experimented with metformin here and there, with no substantial subjective observable changes.
  8. I’ve upped my workout frequency to almost everyday, lifting 3-4 times per week, and short-burst exercise the rest of the days, in the form of calisthenics. I aim for high volume and high intensity.
  9. My sleep hygiene was good beforehand, but there’s always room for more. Sleep is the best productivity enhancing too, in my current view. There are nights when I sleep for 9 to 10 hours. To be honest, I rarely feel as refreshed and brain-and-body-restarted as I do after a long night of sleep.
  10. I schedule my workouts before noon and my feeding in the second part of the day; I eat big in the evening.
  11. I don’t avoid blue light exposure at night. Far from disproving or contradicting recent research in circadian biology, I come to question which is more important: sleepiness and tiredness or blue light exposure at night, when it comes to restful sleep?

I remember times from my earlier years when I was laboring hard during the day (physical work) and I would ‘heavily’ expose myself to blue light at night; and I would sleep like a baby – with the TV on! I wonder if other people invoke all sorts of rationalizations for not being able to rest appropriately, when in fact they don’t tire their bodies enough during the day.

  1. I also did a few 24+ and 30+ hour water-fasts.
  2. Point of consideration: weight seems to remain constant. My assumption is that the body is able to adapt to all these acute changes. This is similar to the homeostatic perturbations I discuss in my recent book, Stress and Adaptation in Physiology.


I’m not sure how long I’ll keep doing this. I’m excited to return to and re-experiment, with modifications and new additions, of course, with feeding only in the first part of the day. I remember I felt pretty good while doing this in the past – paired with intense cold thermogenesis.

Needless to say, this is a brain dump, an externalization of thoughts about aspects of food and exercise I recently experimented with. This is mostly for my future reference and, by no means, should be taken as advice in any form whatsoever.

I’ll end with a recent physique photo:

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