Never Give Up – by Donald Trump

Never Give Up - Donald Trump

Even though Donald Trump has not started right from scratch because his father was already a real estate developer, most of his success is due to his own work and not due to what he has inherited from his father.

Donald Trump is known and has entered into the Guinness World Record for the biggest financial turnaround in history as in the early 1990s he was 2 feet away from bankruptcy owing almost $1 billion to the banks.

And how did Donald Trump respond in front of this adversity?

Well, you would not see his fame and financial success if he would have just been defeated back then. Even though everyone would see him collapse, he was the only one to believe that he can get out this negative situation. And he actually did.

How did he do it? By never giving up.

Donald Trump explains his financial success and his perseverance in this book. He teaches you how to turn every defeat into victory and how to ever become better in your life.

Donald also teaches you how to:

– see that every failure is not permanent and that you need to fail in order to become better and to succeed
– be prepared for the negative situations that come into your life
– to separate yourself from the complaining crowd and how to create your own luck
– acknowledge that everything that happens in your life is mostly up to you and not to anyone or anything else.
– view courage as something that represents the conquer of fear
– be passionate in everything that you do (and you will be a happier human being)
– view every problem as a very big opportunity that will take you to success
– get the most from everyday of your life
– learn how to effectively negotiate.

This is one of the best motivational books ever because it describes the power of example that Donald Trump represents, an example who has managed to overcome those problems that would put most of us down. If you understand the psychology behind this book and you apply it in your life, there are no doubts that you will become better than yourself. The only thing that you have to do is to move, to act, and to try (not just read the book).

Here is how to get the most out of this book through the technique of Smart Reading:

1. Take a pen and start interacting with the book by underlining concepts, circling words and/or highlighting paragraphs which you think are the most import.

2. Different ideas will flow through your mind as you go along with reading the book. Write them down on the blank sides of the pages.

3. Take the book every now and then and re-read everything you have highlighted, circled, and/or underlined. Focus on the ideas you have written down.

Doing these three easy steps will practically boost your knowledge, it will help you to easily apply the most important principles of the book and you will land among the 3% of the most successful people in the world.

Note: If you read the book on a smartphone or tablet, just use an application which allows you to highlight and write notes within the book. There are plenty of such applications.

Get it here (I highly recommend the hard cover version):

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