My Belly Fat Progression by DXA – [2013 – 2016]

My Belly Fat Progression by DXA - [2013 - 2016]  - TFM

Those of you close to me are familiar with the details of my fat loss experiment, which I underwent between ~October and December 2013. For those who don’t know, I posted the details here.

To increase the accuracy of my approach I used a DEXA scanner. I wanted to measure the progression of my body composition. I got kindof captivated with the device, which is why I continued doing DEXA scans every few months ever since.

Almost three years later, I decided to make some sense out of the pile of papers (DEXA scans) in my drawer. So, here is some data on the dynamics of my abdominal fat (see top graphic).  

My Belly Fat Progression by DXA - [2013 - 2016]  - Table

The initial fat loss, the one during the experiment (Oct – Dec 2013), was the most significant. During that time I lost the bulk of fat that was left on my abdomen. I lost almost 5 pounds of fat from the trunk area alone, and a total of  ~10 pounds of fat from the entire body (in 2 months). To note is that I was fairly lean at the beginning of the experiment.

Thereafter, from late 2013 to mid 2015 I was maintaining (as you can see below). And then, since July 2015 I lost additional fat from the abdominal area alone. More interesting is the progression of fat mass per height ratio.

My Belly Fat Progression by DXA - [2013 - 2016]  - FMH

I could attribute this subsequent fat loss (July 2015 – April 2016) to many factors, some of which include intermittent fasting, ketosis, caloric restriction, significant increase in my consumption of plant foods, and other variables. However, it wouldn’t be appropriate to ascertain that one contributed more than the other, as I cannot know for sure. And, I’d rather not speculate.

Here are a few photos I took around the time of each DEXA scan

My Belly Fat Progression by DXA - [2013 - 2016]  - All

Take-away: I intend to keep using numbers and statistics to assess different parameters of my life.

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  1. jb says:

    What was your body fat % for at each of the 5 pictures?

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