Moments of Solitude – The Power of Introverts

Solitary Moment - Contemplating
I’ve learned from Eckhart Tolle, the great spiritual teacher, that the person who cannot live happily alone or by himself, will never live happily having someone by his side.

You first have to accept yourself for what you are and start building your existence from that moment forward so that ultimately you can reach the social success you mostly desire.

I want you to please take a moment and watch this wonderful TED Talk by Susan Cain:

Now, to accept yourself the way you are right now, you first need to know who you are at this moment.

To know who you really are, you need to spend some time within your presence, where only you and your thoughts can co-exist.

One of my mentors Brian Tracy advises in his book How the Best Leaders Lead that one should allocate 30 to 60 minutes daily to listen to the inner voice. He says that it will practically change your life because when you are alone and there are no external disturbing factors, you start having different ideas and revelations which will positively shape everything you do.

Brian says that solitude is one of the greatest joys of human beings.

Why don’t you try for yourself? You’ve got nothing to loose.

I hate to call it meditation because this is a word overly-used and it has lost from its power. However, I’d like to add to the advices of Brian Tracy that before having your solitary moment you should:

1. Think of what you will think. Even though you will most likely deviate from these thoughts and get to new and improved ideas, it is always best to plan ahead for the sake of time efficiency.

2. While having your moment, follow the natural path of your thoughts. Do not oppose resistance. See where it goes. Be constructive. Let your ideas flow.

3. Most importantly: Take notes so that you can further review them.

4. After getting out of solitude or even right after spending time in your own mind, go ahead and analyze the past moment.

What were your best thoughts?
What ideas did you get?
How can you implement them?
Do you still need to hover on one or more of these ideas?

It is bliss to have such moments because the only way to become better is to know where you are and where you want to be. And to know where you are and who you are, you have to analyze your past events, link memories and emotions. You can only do this by being alone with yourself.

Don’t tie upon negative emotions! Most importantly, do not bring them back. It is possible (even though it’s difficult) to look over past negative events, analyze them and not remember the emotions attached to them. Viewing these negative events objectively is the healthiest way to learn from them.

Now, I don’t say that you can learn that it’s not safe to play with fire by thinking and living the feeling of getting burned. However, that’s a bit discomforting so you should try the objective approach.

Try to minimize the reliving of emotions connected to past events as much as possible.

For a simple reference, Daniel Goleman’s amazing book Emotional Intelligence can teach you how to better manage your anxieties, stressful moments, traumas, and emotions overall to achieve balance in life.

Getting back to the main idea, it’s been difficult with all the noise of these days and with all the distractions to stay focused and be in a sound balance with yourself if you’re not paying attention to yourself at least every once in a while.

Most of the people around me do not make plans. They live in a sort of chaos letting their lives be driven by whatever thought comes next into their minds.

I mean, how can you be efficient if you don’t have a list of goals to achieve? How can you meet these goals if you don’t have flexible plans for them?

And most importantly, how can you have plans if you don’t think about them? It all goes back to the solitary moment.

Some of the great achievers from whom I learned the importance of to-do lists are Tony Robbins (this guy advised and still advises U.S. presidents, among other very important people – and his net worth is somewhere at $500 million), Zig Ziglar (great mentor) as well as Brian Tracy.

I learned that really successful people (people who achieved greatly in all aspects of life – social, emotional, spiritual, financial, and physical) are those who know where they are going. Really successful people recognize the unimaginable power of a simple and humble spiral note.

spiral note

For most of us a spiral note is just an ordinary object. When my eyes see a spiral note and the information goes to my visual cortex for decoding and interpreting, my brain releases endorphins which give me an overall sense of pleasure through the whole body.

You wonder why?

It’s because when I started writing goals and making plans (daily plans, weekly plans, and yearly plans) including all the dimensions of my life, everything changed dramatically. Throughout the course of a year I have become more than 1000% efficient in everything I did, such as: health, sports, human relationships, spirituality, financial performance, etc.

Now you know why viewing an unimportant spiral-note gives me the full-body positive vibe.

If you are the owner of a smartphone, check your app store and you’ll most likely find dozens of notes applications. I personally use ColorNote on my Android.

All these amazing plans and life achievements can only be done when there’s no-one around to disturb. That’s the time when you can run at your fullest potential.

It can be your office.
It can be a bench in the park (stop the noise and listen to what’s around you. Can you?)
It can be a quiet moment in your room.
It can be when you’re traveling by train.

You pick the spot.

Remember that spending these moments with yourself for planning, organizing your thoughts, analyzing past actions, or even contemplating will make you a better and more balanced person when being around other people.

This is a very simple thing that a lot of people can do. Why is it that so few people do it then?

What do you think? Please let me know in either of the comment sections below.


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Photos: Chandni Dossani and Stephanie Smith

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11 Responses to Moments of Solitude – The Power of Introverts

  1. Finding yourself in solitude is a most powerful moment in life. I argue that the most successful experience this alone time to reflect not only their future goals but perfecting their craft. Not many people experience this because they may be directly exchanging time for money and constantly around co-workers on a day to day basis. Perhaps this period of confinement is necessary to reach extraordinary heights.

    • Chris Chris says:

      Ronald, of course! I totally agree. Not sure how I missed the fact that alone you test and try your skills until you get better at what you do. Thanks for adding this!

  2. Brent says:

    I enjoy a solo walk almost every day where I allow my mind to move where ever it wants to. I have come up with some of my best ideas during these walks!

    • Chris Chris says:

      Oh Brent, how I can understand! In my case, very creative thought has to involve movement, but not from my muscles 🙂

      I get to be the most creative while having a travel with the train. Even though the trains over here are very dirty, my brain experiences pleasure when seeing and traveling with them.

      Thank you for stopping by. I love your blog Brent!

  3. Jeff S. Davis says:

    Anther epic essay. Very valid and important points. I like what you said regarding meditation. You have a knack for taking very complicated subjects and bringing them viscerally and with immediacy to practical steps that can be followed. What helps also is that your enthusiasm is infectious. Keep up your very important work.

    • Chris Chris says:

      Yes Jeff…Sometimes it’s not easy to maintain an uplifted mood as there are so many factors outside You that will do everything possible to bring it down. That’s why I find it important to have a few minutes of Confinement everyday and also read a bit of personal development. These are like showers (as Ziglar said) you have to have them everyday

  4. Brenda says:

    I love spending time alone! I’m a writer 🙂

  5. Jerisha Ramsugit says:

    Hi Chris
    Your article is great. I think that the main reason is that a lot of individuals today practice something that has become common-place in society today – that is , if you are not physically doing anything you are not been productive. In a world where ‘productivity’ is seen as important – the practice of ‘sitting around’ and apparently doing nothing is usually shunned upon. Obviously things shouldn’t be that way. One important benefit of taking time to be alone is that one could think about one’s life which helps to identity one’s problems and to move toward solutions. As opposed to issues been suppressed until it is becomes overwhelming. It is a common practice even when one is growing up that even the act of watching television ‘seems’ more productive than someone sitting alone ‘seemingly’ doing nothing. There are exceptions of course and I think a lot of people are getting to realize the importance of ‘alone-time’. But as with most things that have been ingrained in society as a norm – it would take a lot of effort to bring about change that results in more people been comfortable with and liking to practice ‘alone-time’.

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