Lean-In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead – Sheryl Sandberg

Lean In - Sheryl Sandberg

The career of Sheryl Sandberg has been very successful so far. She is currently in a management position at Facebook and she has been working as a vice president at Google before that.

Lean In is quite impressive as Sheryl has referenced more than 30 researches in this book. This provides a lot of credibility and it is backed up by the author’s life experiences and professional undergoing up until reaching the position of COO at Facebook.

Sheryl advises women not to seek excuses based on the fact that men are more successful in leading positions and also not to hide behind gender biases that may still exist everywhere. This is not a book exclusively for women because everyone can learn something from it.

Reading this book you will:

1. Learn how to conquer your fears (from a woman’s perspective) and choose the best actions in your personal and professional endeavors.
2. Learn how to defend your position in any place and at any time and never stand still while others stand for their points of view.
3. Think in terms of win-win situations, where all parties have something to gain from a specific context.
4. Learn how to efficiently combine the professional life with the personal life so that you will succeed in everything that you do. You can be both a good mother and an excellent professional. You just need to learn how.
5. Look for the best choices in your life and set the right priorities when you are confronted with a multitude of situations.

You will also learn other important things that will help you improve your existence. Here’s a quote from Lean-In:

“A 2012 Pew study found for the first time that among young people ages eighteen to thirty-four, more young women (66 percent) than young men (59 percent) rated “success in a high-paying career or profession” as important to their lives. A recent survey of Millennials found that women were just as likely to describe themselves as ambitious as men.”

Here is how to get the most out of this book through the technique of Smart Reading:

1. Take a pen and start interacting with the book by underlining concepts, circling words and/or highlighting paragraphs which you think are the most import. Since this book is based on a lot of research, go ahead and find the research articles on the internet (as many as you can) and see if you get to the same conclusions as the author did.

2. Different ideas will flow through your mind as you go along with reading the book. Write them down on the blank sides of the pages.

3. Take the book every now and then and re-read everything you have highlighted, circled, and/or underlined. Focus on the ideas you have written down. You should also write the most important ideas from the research articles you found on the Internet.

Doing these three easy steps will practically boost your knowledge, it will help you to easily apply the most important principles of the book and you will land among the 3% of the most successful people in the world.

Note: If you read the book on a smartphone or tablet, just use an application which allows you to highlight and write notes within the book. There are plenty of such applications.

Get it here (I highly recommend the hard cover version):

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