Keto-Friendly-Highly-Satisfying Foods Repertoire – Keto-Pizza

Keto-Friendly Highly-Satisfying Food Repertoir - Keto-Pizza


As most of the followers of this blog know, I am not an advocate of frequent use of ketogenic friendly substitute foods for their higher carbohydrate counterparts. In basic language, I do not recommend daily usage of keto breads, ketogenic biscuits, keto pasta, keto French fries, and many other processed or not processed foods.

Eat real food. Eat food that does not have a label.

I think that those who rely or crave such products will most likely never adapt to an optimal ketogenic protocol. Such cravings may be a hint that one had never overcome their sugar addiction and may still be an inefficient fat burner. But enough with my negativity…for now…

I personally knew I got away from my sugar addiction when I stopped thinking about high carbohydrate foods. I knew that I was most likely not going to return to my previous lifestyle of low-carb eating (not keto) + carb-loading (or binging) days (when I would eat sugar processed foods until I would almost throw up – I described my story in my first book Ketone Power).

I knew I got away from it when I stopped feeling hungry (a couple of weeks of strict ketosis)…

If you’re a sugar burner you may not be able to imagine how it’s like to water-only fast for 2-3 days and feel less hungry when you break your fast than you felt when it began. But I will talk more about this in my upcoming book on Periodic Fasting.

Even if I do not use keto substitutes for high-carb products often, I do it every now and then. And it feels good. For me, they taste even better than their high-carb alternatives. For example my celery root keto French fries are delish, as well as the keto pancakes that I cook sometimes. But I haven’t eaten any of these foods for a couple of months now.

Keto-Pizza – The Recipe

Knowing that winter holidays were coming, my mother asked me what I’d like to eat for the family dinner on Christmas Eve. I told her that whatever it’s on the table, I’ll find something that would fit in my nutrition protocol.

But she wanted to cook something special for me. She knew I love pizza and I haven’t eaten something like that for more than a year and 2 months at that time (Dec. 2014). She also knew that I adore cheesecake.

Like I said above, I mostly never thought about these foods as I adapted to the keto lifestyle.

A simple online search and I was minutes away from many amazing keto-friendly foods of such.

But I wanted for us to make something different from the recipes on the web. Mother made keto-friendly pizza and keto-friendly cheesecake that would make any taster think they’re in heaven. At least that was my perception of these foods.

It was a bit difficult until we got all the details together, but mother now has everything covered up for when the next occasion comes…

As I progressed through the keto-lifestyle, mother became a specialist in doing the unthinkable and highly palatable omelet, with different spice combinations and additional ingredients, as a quick meal for whenever I stop by their place.

Now she added the keto friendly pizza and cheesecake to the repertoire…

The keto-pizza that she prepares for me is designed in such a way to be eaten in 2 sittings, at maximum. Half of it as it cools down and the other half the next day.

The ingredients are:


3 eggs (medium size, pastured, and all that bla blah…)
3 tbsp ground almonds (or almond flour, or almond meal or whatever nut you can grind)

I’d rather buy unsalted raw almonds and grind them myself. That way I know exactly what I have, in comparison with buying the packaged almond flour.

2 tbsp psyllium husk – it adds consistency to the end product (the curst)
1 tsp salt (I use Himalayan)
1 tsp backing powder
1-2 oz of full fat milk (or coconut milk) – this is not necessary.

Mix them together until homogenized. Bake them until almost ready (time depends on your oven and the temperature you bake). For convenience you can use baking paper sprayed with coconut oil or lard (it is not necessary though).


tomato sauce (from crushed or mashed tomatoes) – the real deal – if you buy packaged make sure it doesn’t contain anything other than tomatoes, salt and, sometimes, a bit of water.
sausage or salami slices (make sure you have a decent product if you buy from the supermarket – shoot for minimal processing)
chili paste (it’s my favorite – you don’t have to add it if you don’t like it)
some onion
some olives
some bacon
some mushrooms
other seasoning (if you want)

Once the crust is ready, put the tomato sauce on top, then the sausage slices and the rest of the ingredients from the topping. Additionally you can put a beaten egg with some cheese over the whole combination (that’s what mother did).

Put it back into the oven and let it there until ready (the time can be variable, depending on your oven). But you’ll know when it’s ready. You don’t have to be a master chef. Mother left it 15-20 minutes in her ancient oven (which runs on gas and doesn’t have a temperature measure).

Given the ingredients, carb content should be low and should not kick one out of ketosis as long as protein amount is wisely considered.

The weight of the whole thing (in my case) was ~500g (~17-18 oz or 1 lb and 2 oz). Since I said I ate it in 2 sittings, then 1 serving was about 250g (~9 oz).

Calorie content and macronutrient partitioning go beyond the scope of this recipe post. If one wants to do a low-calorie, a high-calorie, a low-protein, a vegan or whatever version of it, they can play with the amounts and the ingredients provided, as well as add new ingredients or subtract from the existing ones.

And now, here it is (uhm…at least half of it):

Keto-Friendly Highly-Satisfying Food Repertoir - Keto-Pizza - 2

What’s next…

In a future post, I will describe (in a similar way) the keto-friendly cheesecake. I could not find a close version to what I wanted when I searched online. Maybe I didn’t search well enough. I wanted a cheesecake version with fluffy baked crust and lemon-orange tasting cheese cream. But you’ll see about the specific recipe when the time comes.

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