Keto French Fries – Is there any difference?

I had a discussion the other day with some folks on a FB group and I said I was gonna post some photos about my keto alternative to french fries. Here it is.

I basically make these low-carb fries from celery root, which has ~7g of net carbs. They may not look so aesthetic, but what the heck?

They taste quite similar to potato fries and they have ~2.5 times fewer carbohydrates compared to potatoes. Here’s the prep phase:

Preparation Phase

Then I fry them in olive oil and sometimes in coconut oil. You should avoid vegetable oil when cooking.

Frying Phase

Besides, I have some other “goodies” along with them.

Plus Other Goodies and Salad

What you see is:

150g celery fries

150g pork + some bacon

2-egg omelet made in butter

150-200g salad + dressing (olive oil, vinegar, salt, and pepper).

Total calories: ~1000kcals

Total net carbs: 16-18g

There are some other very low carbohydrate alternatives to fries and other high-carb foods, but you can find more about them in my upcoming Ketone Power.

What do you think?

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