June 2016 – Physique Update [+ Current Protocols IF, CT…]

I took this video circa mid-June 2016.

A few words about my current protocol

To get some context, please read this short journal first.

  1. I managed to return to my April (2016) weight (my weight before the 1 month perturbation experiment) with a few days of overfeeding. Water retention from creatine intake may have helped.
  1. After 1 month of almost no IF (intermittent fasting), I resumed ~daily IF 20-4 (20 hours of fasting, 4 hours of eating), 2 meals. I time my meals between 2-6 P.M. most of the days.

There are days of no IF when I overfeed. I do this because I am at ~maintenance physique since early 2014 and I don’t want to lose more weight. With my IF strategy I easily restrict calories, which is also why I have to overfeed.

I sleep well under this IF meal timing strategy (last meal ends at 6 P.M., most days). But when I overfeed at night, I sleep even better.

  1. I resumed cold thermogenesis. I started with short cold baths. I will gradually move towards longer cold baths and eventually toward ice baths. After a month of little to no CT, the short cold baths feel intense!

Once I reach the level of taking ice baths I will have to re-sensitize myself to cold by withdrawing from CT for a while. It’s a nice cycling protocol (see ending note below).

  1. I resumed weight lifting – it feels great.
  1. I also resumed taking some supplements. I plan to maintain a minimal approach with this. Imho, most are BS (unfounded hype).

What I currently take: creatine monohydrate, alpha lipoic acid, omega-3s, garlic extract, Mg, Zn, prebiotic + probiotic, and resveratrol. I took no supplements last month and I did not experience any negative symptoms.

The most minimal supplementation protocol for me would be: creatine, ALA, o3s, and Mg – taken cyclically.

  1. As per my diet, I maintain my focus on nutrient density by consuming a diverse range of vegetables, legumes and plant foods rich in phytochemicals. Protein comes in the form of eggs, dairy, nuts (including peanuts) and seeds. Meat is not one of my top foods, but I do enjoy the occasional steak. I steer clear of flexible dieting. The word flexibility has a different meaning for me. It translates to anti-fragility.

In (temporary) conclusion

Reiterating the overall current picture for me (with 80%+ compliance), I focus on:

  1. Increasing nutrient efficiency
  2. Exercising vigorously
  3. Sleeping extremely well

And, regurgitating one of my previous messages:

For me, right now, much of everything else is noise coming from ‘experts’ preaching sophisticated, unintelligible and non-sensical strategies to the gullible, uneducated masses; such strategies often contain words like ‘quantum’, ‘radio-‘, ‘radiation’, ‘higher-metabolism’, ‘redox’, ‘detox’, and the like. At most, these may only bring marginal returns.

However, should such strategies stand the test of time and the rigor of scientific scrutiny, I’ll be more than glad to give them a chance.

Ending Note:

I find that adopting a cyclical approach for my different protocols (CT, IF, ketosis, supplements, etc.) increases the satisfaction I get from them and, more importantly, my compliance. I suspect it could even enhance the potential health benefits of these strategies. My studying of stress, dose-response relationships, tolerance buildup, and adaptation brings a lot of insight into this.


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5 Responses to June 2016 – Physique Update [+ Current Protocols IF, CT…]

  1. Gokhan says:

    Hi Cristi,

    I’d recommend you getting a body fat loss monitor. “Omron” fat loss monitor works for me… reasonably cheap & very effective for tracking changes. One thing I noticed is my body fat drops by 1-2% just from CT alone! Together with weight lifting, I see a difference around 3-4%…. So your weight may stay the same, but your body fat will probably vary when you stop doing CT & weight lifting.

    After stopping weight lifting & CT for over a month, my mood crashed… body fat went up significantly (3-4%) at around the same weight! Would be interesting to see what happened with you.

    Testosterone is highly correlated with body fat % (inversely correlated). I think both CT & weight lifting boost testosterone. When you stop doing both, presumably, your T takes a dive. You can indirectly measure your T via body fat %.

    It’s interesting you’ve listed creatine amongst your must-have supplements. Any reason why?

    Too bad that creatine boosts DHT but not total T. I have a problem with the latter (too low)… I’m back to doing CT to raise it.


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