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Jimmy Moore - Keto Clarity


Update May 2017: My current thoughts are not in line with this post. Read more here.

I guess I’ll not go into too much details about the book, but I want to establish some key points in case folks are confused whether or not to read it.

In Keto Clarity, Jimmy did his homework well enough. He features more than 20 experts from different fields whenever he talks about a certain topic. The book covers 21 chapters; for all you wanna be master-chefs out there, two of these chapters include keto-friendly foods and menus.

The Nitty Gritty

Jimmy Moore talks my language when it comes to book writing. He starts the book with his n=1 experiment, which is something that I value tremendously. I do not empathize with people who do not do what they preach.

Almost every paragraph written by the author is followed by the opinion of an expert. Some of the experts featured in the book are:

Dr. Dominic D’Agostino (Cancer Researcher)
Dr. Ron Rosedale (Nutritional and Metabolic Medicine Expert)
Ben Greenfield (Biohacker)
Dr. Richard David Feinman (Professor of Cell Biology at S.U.N.Y.)
and many others.

At the end of each chapter Jimmy has his Keto Clarity moments, where he summarizes the major concepts and take-away messages from the chapter.

I noticed a certain trend to an “one size fits all” which is the same possible mistake that I tend to do. It is just that so many people can benefit extensively from being in a state of ketosis that I deeply share the same beliefs as the author.

A big plus of the book (which diminishes this possible bias) is that Jimmy Moore draws attention to the fact that everyone should conduct their own n=1 experiment to see how they fit inside the picture of nutritional ketosis.

Even though Jimmy may be a bit subjective, he has all the reasons to. After all, it’s his book and his experiment we’re talking about. Nevertheless, the book is backed-up by powerful research studies.

Highly Organized and Nicely Categorized

It does not bore you by mentioning dozens of scientific articles and studies from different journals like I do in Ketone Power :). Jimmy has nicely organized all the research studies at the end of the book in the References section. He lists it in different categories such as:

Weight Loss/Metabolic Syndrome/Insulin Resistance
Gastrointestinal Diseases/IBS/GERD/NAFLD
Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)

He also features a list of books, blogs, movies and other tools that will help the reader to better understand and design a well formulated ketogenic diet.

You know, one of the people who helped me get deeper into the science behind ketosis is Dr. Eric Westman. The fact that he’s the co-author of this book enhances the clarity of the concepts conveyed to the reader.

My favorite part of the book is where the reader is taught how to critically read research studies, how to spot both good and poorly formulated research. Jimmy provides many examples of each.

Low Carb ≠ Keto

We are on the same page when it comes to “low-carb does not equal ketosis” and “ketosis does not automatically mean keto-adaptation“. There’s a very big difference between eating a low-carb diet (which is a good thing) and eating a well formulated ketogenic diet. While there are benefits of eating low carb, these are fewer compared to being in a state of ketosis for the long term. I talked about this in a previous post.

There are other important concepts being broken down throughout the book, some of which are:

Intermittent Fasting (IF),
total fasting,
gut health,
long-term ketosis,
benefits of MCTs,
dairy consumption,
counting calories
alcohol consumption

Concluding Thoughts

To keep it short, my conclusion is that Keto Clarity is well written and can be understood by the reader regardless of their scientific/technical background. The book is supported by powerful research; no wonder it is doing such a great job on Amazon Best Seller’s List.

My favorite quote of the book:

“When someone asks you why you are not eating, you can respond:
I am eating … ketones!”


1. Jimmy Moore and Eric Westman – Keto-Clarity

2. Phinney and Volek – The Art and Science of Low Carbohydrate Living

3. Maria Emmerich – Keto-Adapted

4. Terry Wahls – The Wahls Protocol

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