Five Videos with Gary Vee – Grind, Hustle, Persistence…

I follow Gary Vee. He cuts through the crap and he doesn’t refrain from using offensive language.

Taking things for what they are, staying away from romanticizing personal beliefs and being ruthlessly objective. This is what I like about Gary.

Oh, and one more thing. There’s this quality that I’d like to call super-practicality – being extremely action oriented.

I usually don’t do posts that are so short, but I thought I have to pack these 5 gem-like videos with Gary so that you could get the same (if not, more) value and motivation that I get when I watch them.

I usually watch them a couple of times every week.

  1. Monday Mornings – A Rant

Good for kick-starting every week.

  1. Overnight Success

Yeah, after 10 years of hard work…Gary is in it for the long-game, and so should I.

  1. Self-awareness

I happened to be in this video too. Some of the scenes were filmed at the Times Center, NYC.

  1. The Straightest Road to Success

  1. The Most Important Word Ever

The first 20 seconds are priceless:

“Your country is not the variable of your hustle…Your drive is not predicated on your zip code.”

Good luck with your hustle friend.

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