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Change your Brain, Change Your LifeDr. Daniel G. Amen is one of the world’s leading authorities in brain-scans because through his clinics in United States have passed tens of thousands of patients. Dr. Amen is most popular and recognized as a specialist due to his experience with SPECT scans (single photon emission computerized tomography).

It is unnecessary to say that this breakthrough bestseller is a piece of art due to its large practicability. Dr. Amen teaches you through scientific evidences and very practical advices how to overcome your depressions, anxieties, impulsiveness, anger, and obsessive behaviors.

He shows how these disorders are related to specific brain structures and how through appropriate medication and psychotherapy it is only a matter of time until you will be another person.

The book is covered with examples about his patients, their disorders, his methods of identification, the method of treatment, and also the results of the treatment. He talks about various areas of the brain and how each area is connected to a behavior or a disorder.

For example, the temporal lobes are responsible for long-term memories and emotional stability; some disorders caused by the malfunctioning of temporal lobes are: amnesia and memory problems, anxiety or fear without a specific reason, feeling deja-vu, religious obsessive behaviors, disorientation and confusion, and others.

The book of Dr. Amen teaches you how to:

1. Overcome panic and anxiety through simple breathing techniques.
2. Overcome depression by eliminating automatic negative thoughts (ANTs).
3. Control your anger by following his anti-anger diet.
4. Control your impulsiveness and increase your concentration through the “one-page miracle” technique.
5. Conquer your obsessive behaviors through different problems solving techniques.

Besides the huge amount of examples, Dr. Amen shows the brain-scans associated with each of these disorders. This will give you a better insight on how your brain works.

This bestseller is a blessing to me as I have learned how to manage my impulsiveness (which got me into a lot of trouble so far). I learned to become a wiser person by controlling my brain and by not letting my brain take control of me.

Here’s a quote from the book:

In a highly publicized work, researchers at the University of California at Irvine (UCI) demonstrated that listening to Mozart’s Sonata for Two Pianos (K448) enhanced visual-spatial learning skills. Frances H. Rauscher, Ph.D., and her colleagues conducted a study with thirty-six undergraduates from the department of psychology who scored eight to nine points higher on a spatial IQ test (part of the Stanford-Binet Intelligence scale) after listening to 10 minutes of Mozart. Gordon Shaw, one of the researchers, suggested that Mozart’s music may “warm up” the brain: “We suspect that complex music facilitates certain complex neuronal patterns involved in high brain activities like math and chess.”

Here’s the Sonata for Two Pianos of Mozart:

Here is how to get the most out of this book through the technique of Smart Reading:

1. Take a pen and start interacting with the book by underlining concepts, circling words and/or highlighting paragraphs which you think are the most import. Since this book is based on a lot of research, go ahead and find the research articles on the internet (as many as you can) and see if you get to the same conclusions as the author did.

2. Different ideas will flow through your mind as you go along with reading the book. Write them down on the blank sides of the pages.

3. Take the book every now and then and re-read everything you have highlighted, circled, and/or underlined. Focus on the ideas you have written down. You should also write the most important ideas from the research articles you found on the Internet.

Doing these three easy steps will practically boost your knowledge, it will help you to easily apply the most important principles of the book and you will land among the 3% of the most successful people in the world.

Note: If you read the book on a smartphone or tablet, just use an application which allows you to highlight and write notes within the book. There are plenty of such applications.

Get it here (I highly recommend the hard cover version):

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