Voice Input App in Python – Code Release and Overview [May 2017]

I built the following application, primarily, for convenience…

There are times when I don’t wanna type on my laptop. And I didn’t know of any general purpose, simple, minimal application that could do voice recognition and text input in the most basic form, as in: listen to my voice, paste what I just said, so I don’t have to type it.

I use this app in social media replies as well as when I post updates on different channels.

And, to be completely honest, there are times when I eat chocolate while watching scientific lectures (positive reinforcement). Some of these lectures spark spontaneous thoughts that I want to share, and the only ‘clean’ way to do it is by voice: one hand is used for chocolate manipulation, while the other for handling the mouse.

So, this gave me a solid reason to build this application.

Anything you Want – by Derek Sivers [Animated Book Review]

In his book, Anything you Want, Derek Sivers makes the case for simplicity. Cutting all the unnecessary clutter and getting to the essence of things may make a happier personal life and a business more successful. Here are some of my take-away messages from the book.

Tools of Titans by Tim Ferriss – Animated Book Review

I decided to make an animated review of the first section of Tim Ferriss’ book Tools of Titans. The following are some of my key take-away messages from this part of the book.

Insights from the 105 Books I read in 2016 – [On Self-Education]



I read and listened to 105 books in 2016, which is ~20 more books than in 2015. I have no intention to set another PR in 2017 because reading is not a marathon for me. I enjoy the process and I don’t speed read.

I attribute my ability to go through so many books in 2016 to prioritization, and not to increasing the speed with which I go through the books. In fact, I think I’m a slow reader, and I don’t mind that.

The majority of the books I read were non-fiction: textbooks, biographies, computer programming and other science related books.

I do most of my reading on my tablet. I have a nice app and a stylus-pen that make the experience of reading extremely enjoyable. When I’m in NYC, I mostly read paper books that I borrow from NYPL. I explained this here.

After-thoughts of a 44-hour fast – Just completed [Oct. 2016]


I took a trip to DC earlier this week and I decided to take a break from eating for the whole duration – until returning to NYC.

How Steemit Social Platform Rewards its Users – My Quick Intro

How Steemit Social Platform Rewards its Users - My Quick Intro - 1


A few weeks ago I decided to join Steemit. This is a social platform where users are rewarded for posting content, for commenting, for voting and for curating the content made by other users.

The first time I heard about the platform was in early July, when two online friends (Leah – stellabelle – and Razvan – razvanelulmarin) kept mentioning it on one of our groups.

What I’ve Been Reading Recently – My Bookshelf #9

What I've Been Reading Recently - My Bookshelf #9


I read 39 books in 2016 (as of April). I’m ahead of my last year’s count (this time, last year). I don’t do speed reading. I try to read slowly. I enjoy it. It’s not a hobby. It’s something I do everyday for a substantial amount of my time.

Most of the books I read this year are non-fiction. A few of them are audiobooks (fiction and self-development) and approximately 10-12 of them are programming books – which I had to go through even slower because they implied practicing with code.

What I’m currently mostly interested in is: genomics, bioinformatics, epigenetics and small-scale entrepreneurship. It’d be only reasonable to think that the books I read come from these fields.

Additionally, I read research studies, and, besides audiobooks, I listen to podcasts, interviews and watch lectures on these subjects. Coursera’s online courses also take a stretch of my time.

15 Compounds with Effect on Lifespan

15 Compounds with Effect on Lifespan

A crowd-funded project on the topic of longevity was successfully funded on June 16, 2015. The scope of the project was to create a longevity cookbook. They raised $57,770. In March 2016, the team published the first chapter of the book for free. It details a list of compounds that have been research and could be used to increase lifespan. In short:

Myelin Thickness – The Unromantic Approach to Reaching Mastery [1,2,3]

Myelin Thickness - The Unromantic Approach to Reach Mastery [1,2,3] - myelin - 1


The summer of 2011 portrays weeks on end of agonizing urban heat. I can vividly remember it. Most afternoons, you would find me on the track, jogging for 40 minutes to an hour. I was enjoying it, even though it was like walking into an oven.

I seldom knew how time flew by. With my earplugs on, Brian Tracy was whispering motivational stories from his program The Power of Self-Confidence. His voice was pleasant, his language simple, his advice practical – a delight!

People inherently know the concepts and ideas pushed in such books and programs. Many folks read motivational books on an ongoing basis, yet never achieve anything in their lives. They barely move a finger. It took me some time to learn that achievement is about acting in a persistent, feedback-driven, and constantly-optimizing fashion.

Ever since my earlier exposure to self-development, I knew that there is something more to personal success than mere positive self-talk.

My curiosity got me to more solid grounds when I stumbled upon Joe Dispenza book, which presented a somewhat neuroscientific approach to human achievement. It got me hooked when I read how people can, in a systematic fashion, become better versions of themselves. I became more convinced that in self-growth there’s no magic, no overnight success, and no follow your passion bland advice. It’s more about pure, deep and systematic practice.

Five Videos with Gary Vee – Grind, Hustle, Persistence…

I follow Gary Vee. He cuts through the crap and he doesn’t refrain from using offensive language.

Taking things for what they are, staying away from romanticizing personal beliefs and being ruthlessly objective. This is what I like about Gary.

Oh, and one more thing. There’s this quality that I’d like to call super-practicality – being extremely action oriented.

I usually don’t do posts that are so short, but I thought I have to pack these 5 gem-like videos with Gary so that you could get the same (if not, more) value and motivation that I get when I watch them.

I usually watch them a couple of times every week.

  1. Monday Mornings – A Rant

Good for kick-starting every week.

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