Blood Work #6 – Dec 2016 – [Reliability]



The last time I posted about my blood work was in August 2016. Here is my December 2016 update:


And here’s a comparison with past data:


Context and Analysis

I took my blood tests twice – this time. The reason for the second draw was that in my first results, my testosterone was ~350 ng/dL and my fasting blood glucose ~90 mg/dL. I waited for a couple of days, did not make any significant lifestyle changes (so I tried keeping constant as many variables as possible – diet, sleep, lifting, etc). 5 days later my T was 572 ng/dL and my FBG 86 mg/dL.

I posted a video about this here. The point that I wanted to make was that blood tests are snapshots of your biochemistry at a certain point in time and if one biomarker is extremely out of its normal range (mine were not though), further tests should be taken to confirm whether or not there is pathology.

Interestingly, even though BG was a bit higher than last time, HbA1C was lower. Not really sure what to make out of it…

My T3 is in the normal range and I suspect that higher carbohydrate intake and frequent overfeeding has influenced triiodothyronine concentration.

Lipid profile looks good from a 30k ft view.

Food, Supplements, Training, Physique

I eat a lot of vegetables – unsurprisingly. I consume egg and dairy. I eat meat rarely, but when I do, I enjoy it. There are 1-2 days per week when I don’t consume animal foods. Those days are also days of more intense caloric restriction.

My IF is 19-21/3-5. I usually shoot for 17 hours of fasting but (recently) I end up going 19-21 hours on most days. The remaining 3-5 hours represent the feeding window. The narrowness of the feeding window makes caloric restriction effortless and overfeeding a very pleasant challenge.

I lift fasted 4-6 times a week, periodizing and changing variables (volume, frequency, load) with every workout – with emphasis on keeping intensity high, except for deloading. I write about this in my upcoming book Stress and Adaptation in Physiology.

Supplements worth mentioning: fish oil, magnesium, and alpha lipoic acid.

I’ll end this post with 2 recent physique photos.



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2 Responses to Blood Work #6 – Dec 2016 – [Reliability]

  1. Rachel says:

    Have you ever tried a 100% fat fast?

    • Chris Chris says:

      nope. it’s non-sense, imo. when I fast I want to use my bodyfat for energy, instead of dietary fat like in a fat fast. same for fat coffee and all other recent marketing non-sense promoted by unfit gurus.

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