Blood Work #5 – August 2016 – [Consistency]

Blood Work #5 - August 2016 - [Consistency]


The last time I posted about my blood work was in March 2016. Here is my August 2016 update:

Blood Work #5 - August 2016 - [Consistency] - Table 1

And here’s a comparison with past data:

Blood Work #5 - August 2016 - [Consistency] - Table 2

Context and Analysis

The results as well as the time perspective should be self-explanatory. There isn’t too much interpretation to add. I’ll reiterate from the table.

HDL/LDL ratio has improved since March.
Total Cholesterol is lower.
Triglycerides have never been lower.
HsCRP has never been lower.
HbA1C is consistent. Testosterone is in the upper normal range.
Blood glucose has decreased. I’d like to see it below 80.
T3 is lower than normal.

Food, Supplements and Training

My current diet relies heavily on vegetables – by heavy I don’t mean your generic 1-2 cups per day.
I eat eggs and dairy almost daily. I calorically restrict. My protein intake is restricted as well.
I eat little meat. I’m not a big fan. I enjoy the occasional steak.
I have 1-2 glasses of wine a couple of times a week.

My current IF is 19-20 hours of fasting and 4-5 hours of feeding. I eat twice.
I feast every few days to prevent further weight loss.
Supplements worth mentioning: fish oil, magnesium, and alpha lipoic acid.
I workout 4-5 times a week, most weeks. Sometimes even more. I focus on volume and intensity. I workout fasted.


I know I’ve been very succinct. But I think I provided enough information to make my point. In my other blood-work related posts I gave more interpretation to the results and a deeper description of my protocol. Have a look if you’re interested. Start with the one I did in March 2016.

Here’s a picture from the time period of my August 2016 blood work:

Blood Work #5 - August 2016 - [Consistency] - 2

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