Biochemistry – Fatty Acid Metabolism [Video Series]

If you’ve been following my channel on Youtube, you know that some of the videos I make are biochemistry related. I just partially completed a series on fatty acid metabolism, which is in accordance to Lehninger’s Principles of Biochemistry textbook. It is likely that I’ll add more videos to the list in the future. But for now, here’s the ‘partially-complete’:

  1. Processing of Dietary Fats
  2. Mobilization of Triglycerides
  3. How Fatty Acids enter the Mitochondria
  4. Oxidation of Fatty Acids
  5. Regulation of Fatty Acid Metabolism
  6. Genetic Defects Impairing Fatty Acid Metabolism
  7. Ketone Bodies
  8. How Ketone Bodies are Formed
  9. Regulation of Ketogenesis

Additionally, I’ve worked on a few animated videos (book reviews and extreme physiology) and on the Python voice recognition and voice search application.

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