So, do you really believe in your excuses?

stop making excuses

The books of successful people that I have read so far all point out that the most important aspect to reach the ultimate achievement in everything you do is to have a purpose. People with no purpose are like ships sailing without a destination port.

It’s hard to get somewhere when you don’t know where you are going.

If you have read some of my other articles, you’ll probably notice that there are some principles that I keep repeating. I do this because I have personally discovered their importance as they changed my life in the past 3 years, and more importantly in the past year.

Napoleon Hill taught me that the first and most important success principle is the definiteness of purpose (or to clearly define your goals). From the very moment you know where you are going, the rest has to be perceived as details which can and will, most likely, at all times change because of the influencing factors, such as: the people near you, the economic conditions, the climate, and other factors.

So, the only thing that needs to remain constant is your goal(s) in life. As much as you focus on fewer goals, the faster you will be able to achieve them and become one of the best in your area of expertise.

To succeed in life you have to take responsibility for what you are and for everything you do. You need to become aware of the fact that you are the only person that can make a huge difference in your life and there is no one else that can do it better than you.

You need to know that for you it matters the most to succeed. Nobody sees your goals more clearly and perceives them as being more important than you do.

Think of it this way. You are the one who knows better all the details of your life (besides God or the supreme force in which you believe): the most important events you have been through, the most intense of the emotions you have ever felt, all the things that you value, everything.

And since you know you are the one to know these details better, you should be the one to make decisions in your life and not let others decide for you.

Since they do not know you the way you do, no one will be able to decide better for you than you. Of course, do not take these to the extremes. It is always best to listen to an honest and kind advice. Do not be arrogant!

To measure and to determine your current progress in reaching your targets, you need to analyze the feedback you receive; you need to be able to look back and learn from past events.

Since the past cannot be changed, why should you let hard feelings, negative emotions, or grudge influence you? The past doesn’t have power on you unless you give it.

Always be able to review and learn from the past so you won’t make the same mistakes all over again. That would be foolish!

Few people will give you feedback without you having to ask for it. So, in order to support the golden idea that was mentioned in the beginning (with respect to achievement in life) and to give power to the writings from the Bible:

Ask and it shall be given you“.

Always try to find out what others think you could do to improve your chances for success. But be careful about the objectivity of the ones whom you are listening to. Not everyone is sincere and not everything should be taken for granted.

Consequently, make sure you listen to the negative feedback you receive.

Tim Ferriss pointed out that when he was writing The 4-hour Body (the amazing book on hacking the human body), he checked on Amazon for comments and the ratings of other books on that specific subject. He was very careful to the negative feedback from which he learned what readers wanted to see additionally in a book about the human body.

L.E.: I tried to do the same when researching and writing on Ketone Power.

And based on those needs he was able to write one of the best selling books on nutrition, muscle growth, fat loss, and how to make incredible sex. The key details were in the negative feedback, in this case.

One of the persons to whom I owe my achievements so far is Brian Tracy. He is and has been my virtual mentor and he has helped me tremendously in the past year. Through his books, videos, and online seminars I have started to gain more self-confidence (I, who was a very shy person when I was a kid; this proves that through exercise negative behaviors can be altered).

Here’s what Brian advises you with respect to taking control of your life (in his book Change your thinking, change your life):

1. Make a decision today to take full responsibility for what you are and who you want to become. Instead of making excuses, try making progress.

2. Identify an area where you always use the words “I can’t” and imagine that the limitations only exist inside your mind.

3. What area(s) of your life you feel you cannot change? What could you do to get out of this comfort zone?

4. Identify a situation where doubt and fear prevent you from realizing what you always wanted. Imagine that success is unavoidable for you in this area. What would you do differently?

5. What are your favorite excuses for not making decisions or not taking actions the way you should be doing to reach your objectives? What if these excuses are not right and true?

(This is crucial because in this step you analyze your own mind and you should do it the most objectively you can)

6. Knowledge and desire represent the antidote of fear and doubt. What actions could you immediately undertake to improve your knowledge within an area?

7. How can you change your way of thinking in a certain area of your life to become more successful?

I challenge you to answer all these questions because they will definitely help you understand yourself better. You’ll start seeing things differently and you’ll become more aware of the reasons for which you keep failing at something you wanna achieve.

My personal advice for success in life:

1. Clearly define an objective.
2. Don’t think or plan too much. Leave the details to take care of themselves.
3. Act. Do something. Never be passive!
4. Make sure you are always flexible and that you can adapt to the ever changing conditions.
5. Keep in mind that the purpose needs to remain unchanged.

Are you able to properly define your most important goals in life? If not, what’s preventing you for not doing so? Are you sure it’s not just your mind trying to sabotage you? Let me know, in the comment section below, the area you experience most of the difficulties and I’ll do my best in helping you.


Brian Tracy (2012). The Power of Self-Confidence: Become Unstoppable, Irresistible, and Unafraid in Every Area of Your Life.

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