Artificial Neural Networks with Python – [New Series]

I haven’t been posting a lot of stuff on the blog lately, but I have been quite active online. I’m posting almost daily on my steemit blog and I also work on videos for my Youtube channel. Some of the videos are just stuff from my life related to nutrition and fitness while, others are programming videos. I just started working on a new video series about artificial neural networks with Python. In this series I’m going to cover a whole bunch of stuff, including:

  • overview of artificial neural networks
  • creating a perceptron based classifier
  • creating single layer and multilayer neural networks
  • working on optical character recognition
  • and more.

So, if you want to stay close to that, make sure to subscribe. If, you’re new to machine learning, you might want to look at this post, in which I discuss some of the resources (courses, books, lectures, etc) that helped me learn programming. If you want to grab your hands on the code behind most of the programs and scripts I coded, you can look in my github profile.

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