7 Podcasts on Optimizing Health and Entrepreneurship that I Tune-In to

7 Podcasts on Optimizing Health and Entrepreneurship that I Tune-In to


I spend a lot of time studying. It takes different forms from reading books, watching lectures and seminars, listening to audio books while doing my CT (cold thermogenesis) experiments, and listening to podcast interviews when I cook or do stuff around the house.

Brian Tracy and Zig Ziglar say that listening to audio programs while driving is like attending a  University on Wheels.

It’s been said that the average person commutes to work and back home for more than 100 hours each an every year.

So, listening to such programs and anchoring your mind into a subject when it could otherwise wander, is like earning a University degree on a certain subject every year. You basically become an authority in your field(s) of study.

Paradoxically, as I keep doing it and as I keep enforcing this habit I want to do it even more because it always makes me feel that I know so little. I want to become very knowledgeable in my main topics of interest, which are nutrition research, genetics and epigenetics, neuroscience, and entrepreneurship.

I don’t wanna digest or take for granted all the non-sense that’s being thrown at me from the media and I wanna be able to spot and protect myself against negativity whenever I encounter it. It’s one of the reasons I stopped watching TV ~7 years ago.

The List of 7…

In earlier blogposts I wrote about some of the books that I read. Check them out here, here, here, and most recently here; and some of the audiobooks that I listen to here. In my first book Ketone Power, I dedicated a small section to tell you about the resources that I use in my virtual university.

But for now, let’s focus on podcasts.

Podcasts are basically radio shows dedicated to specific subjects that are broadcasted over the web and which can be accessible on different platforms: computers, tablets, smartphones, etc. I tune-in to them on my Android smartphone through a free app called Podcast Addicts. This app is probably available on other platforms as well, but if it’s not, there other dozens of free applications that you can use to listen to podcasts.

Here are some of the ones that I listen to:

1. It’s Rainmaking Time

An interview with Dr. Ray Peat fired-me up and made me stick to listening to this podcast. Even though I do not like the broader approach of the author (as I see this podcast being focused on everything and nothing – inviting people from various fields not related to one another), I have to admit that Kim Greenhouse has had many interviewees that I admire a lot.

2. Knowledge for Men

I’ve heard about this one from my dear friend Jarod Barker. The host, Andrew Ferebee, invites folks like Chris Hogan, Owen Markus, Ryan Holiday, John Romaniello and many who you wouldn’t think of. And they share their experiences, knowledge, and sometimes their books on how to improve male status and become a superior man.

3. The James Altucher Show

I started tuning-in to James’ show ever since he started it in early 2014. But then I deleted it because I got annoyed while listening to an episode. It was a bad move.

Circumstances made that I became interested in it once again (a few months later). An episode with Ted Leonsis was the game changer. And then he invited Tony Robbins

4. The School of Greatness

The title should be quite suggestive. Lewis Howes (the host) is the living example of the “self-made” concept because he was able to recover from a very serious injury from his pro-athlete career and then he switched careers, basically starting from 0 and creating an empire of greatness around him.

I personally have a lot to learn from Lewis’ own experiences and from the ones of his amazing guests like: Ramit Sethi, Tim Ferriss, Ameer Rosic, Joe De Sena and many others. You may wanna check this one out 🙂

5. The Optimal Health Show

I follow Ameer Rosic’s work quite closely because he pretty much resembles the kind of person that I wanna become. Ameer is one of the very very few who look beyond diet and workout alone as interventions for improving health and longevity. He touches down on subjects like EMF radiation, artificial light exposure and circadian cycles, a more thorough explanation on the importance of sleep (not the BS explanation you hear everywhere), cold thermogenesis, and other esoteric subjects.

Ameer mixes the field of health optimization through functional medical approaches with the field of entrepreneurship. It’s a tough blend and very few are confident enough to talk about them, let alone to experiment with them.

Ameer’s past is obscure. He’s an ex-convict-ex-drug-addict who was able to turn the tables in his favor. I like it that he preaches on becoming more egotistic and many folks don’t understand him.

He talks about that kind of egotistic person who invests a great deal of time and resources in themselves so that they can become better in what they do and then start helping other people (who want help).

I do not see many other rational and long-lasting approaches in become successful…

6.  Ben Greenfield Fitness

I know some of you guys listen to Ben. He’s a very popular athlete. Many only see the “advertising” behind him, but if you take time and listen closely to Ben’s interviews and to his hour-long Q&A sessions, you’ll be amazed on the wealth of knowledge he possesses on different training protocols, on how to supplement based on individualized needs, on how to activate or de-activate certain bio-chemical pathways, on foods and how they impact performance, and many other interesting topics.

Two of my favorite episodes are the one with Barry Murray and the one with Jack Kruse.

7. The Entrepreneur Fitness Podcast

Should I tell you why I listen to this podcast?

If you didn’t guess yet, the words “entrepreneur” and “fitness” from the title should tell you something. It’s the combination of fields that I’m currently very interested in…

I started listening to Brandon’s show when he interviewed Christopher Walker who wrote Testosterone I/O.

Another recent favorite episode is the one with Dominic D’Agostino, where they talk about ketogenic diets and their sports performance implications. Other interesting guests were: Wendy Myers, Thomas Corley, and Andy Murphy.

Brandon is only starting out with his show, but he’s already kicking-ass if you ask me…


These are just a few of the radio shows (podcasts) that I listen to every day. There are so many good shows out there that it is practically impossible to know about them all, not to mention to listen to them all…

Unless we would be able to download them directly into the hippocampus… 🙂

Until that’s possible, please be kind and share some of the podcasts you find interesting, so that other readers (including myself) can check them out as well.

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