2 TV Series Worth Watching – Naked and Afraid and Mick Dodge Review

Nake and Afraid - Review

I’ve stopped watching TV ~6 years ago and I’ve stopped watching TV series, movies or shows over the internet approximately 4 years ago. This allows me to allocate more time for reading books, studying, and doing other important stuff that can bring improvements in all areas of my life.

I often watch documentaries, lectures and seminars over the Internet. I also listen to podcasts on the subjects that I’m most interested in, such as: neuroscience, biochemistry, and ultimate physical performance.

So anyway, a few days ago I found out about two TV Series that seem quite interesting. Even though they have many elements of capturing the eye of the consumer (the audience) through drama and even though some scenes seem directed (and not natural), I find there is a lot of good stuff in them. Besides, they are easily comprehensible by the general public.

1. Legend of Mick Dodge

The first one is about a guy who lives in the woods for more than two decades now. His name is Mick Dodge and the show is called Legend of Mick Dodge. I became interested in watching this show because I saw in a promotion video how Mick walks barefoot in the woods and made the connection with the Earthing or grounding concept that I learned from Dr. Jack Kruse and from Dr. Stephen Sinatra. Grounding allows the exchange of electrons between the Earth and the human body and this promotes lower oxidative stress. Read more about grounding in Kruse’s book or at his blog here.

2. Naked and Afraid

The other show is called Naked and Afraid and it is a Discovery Channel production. It follows survival experts (1 male and 1 female each show) who are departed to remote wild locations and they are left naked and empty-handed. They can take 1 item with them (each). These experts often take: flints, metal recipients, machetes, and other tools that can be very useful in survival.

They have to survive 21 days in the wilderness. On the 21st day they are taken back (through an extraction point) to civilization. I find this show extremely interesting because they often go 7-10 or even more days without food, most of the times it is difficult for them to find and filter water, as well as build fire. The fact that they are naked makes the show even more interesting and eye catching :).

So far I’ve seen a few episodes from the first season and what I can tell you is that most of these survivors lose 20+ pounds in these 21 days. Another interesting part from this show is that they don’t do it for a $$$ prize or for competition. It is only a battle for survival where they prove to themselves if they are made of strong stuff.

I’ll keep watching these two shows and I really recommend both of them to you. If you’ve seen them, please share your thoughts here. If you have other similar shows you can recommend, I’ll be glad to review and discuss about them!

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2 Responses to 2 TV Series Worth Watching – Naked and Afraid and Mick Dodge Review

  1. Patricia Mathews says:

    Awesome, naked feet. I remember when I was younger and we went to the mountains I used to run barefoot and naked though the woods. Unless you run into a manzanita patch. I remember when I visited Colorado in the 70’s and I met people who just live off the side of a mountain and are self sufficient. I used to ride my horse in the woods everyday when I was a teenager and I know the connection of nature for me is strong, there’s nothing better. I became disabled with knee osteoarthritis and type 2 diabetes, I’m currently experiencing problems with nerve pain and they gave me Lyrica which is really working. My last A1C was 5.8 and my lab work looks good. I’ve come a long way and have a long way to go. I do pool therapy and try to eat nutritious foods (hard to do on a fixed income) but I try to eat fruit, it helps me. Well, I just wanted to tell you I just discovered your website today, something caught my attention about “books I am reading”, you read some deep stuff, I like to read also but I am reading a book about Chicago, a book about Margaret Fuller and a book about the book “War and Peace” and Tolstoy. I read many other books too about science and biology and geology and history. Well, thanks for being you. I’m going to follow you on Facebook and see what I can learn from you.
    Patricia Mathews

    • Chris Chris says:

      Patricia, thank you for stopping by. Please do check the keto-section of this blog because you have a lot of info on eating to help you with T2D. I would not advise eating fruit but I know you’re just following whatever your doctor said.

      You’d be interested to learn about the paleo or ketogenic approach to T2D. I wont say more so that I dont sound crazy. Just go and read and let me know what you think!


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