10 Uber attitudes of the Richest – from Donald Trump

10 Uber Attitudes of the Richest

If you take a closer look at some of the richest and most successful people in the world, you can see some patterns in their behaviors and their attitudes. Some of them are advocating on the same few characteristics that you need to develop to be one of the wealthiest for long term.

And wealth refers not only to the financial, but wealth in all aspects of life, such as: physical, social context, emotional, mental, and spiritual.

Before reading below, please understand that in the beginning of your road to success, you only need to be you (no money, no social status, no popularity, no nothing). Only you. You can then start building upon that.

Donald Trump points out 10 basic attitudes of successful people.

1. Be passionate  

Without passion, you cannot motivate yourself to keep going and you cannot provide high-quality in the products and services you offer. You can’t live a happy life without being enthusiastic in all that you do.

Tip: Discover what you love doing most and find out ways you can get financial results from that. Passion makes you never give up until you succeed.

2. Be tenacious

There is no successful human being who has not experienced failure on their path to success.

Tip: Whenever an obstacle gets in your way, think of how you can use the situation for your own benefit. As Ryan Holiday puts it: “The obstacle becomes the way”.

It may be challenging at first, but the biggest problems provide the biggest opportunities. Look for them!

3. Think big

This is probably the quote that Donald Trump is best known for.

If you might as well think, why not think big? This means that you need to shoot for the moon and if you don’t hit it, you will land among the stars.

4. Increase your level of knowledge

Let’s think in these terms:

Andrew Carnegie (the steel conglomerate), one of the richest people in America of all times, did not know much about steel, but he was able to gather around him the best specialists in steel and in business development.

Does this means that Andrew Carnegie lacked of knowledge?

Well, yes. He lacked of knowledge with respect to steel. But he had great social and interpersonal skills he was best at.

Tip: Do not think of knowledge only in terms of IQ or of theory in a particular subject. Think of knowledge in terms of developing your emotional knowledge, social knowledge, kinetic (movement-physical) knowledge, financial knowledge, practical knowledge. Study Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences.

5. Be meticulous

You can never know too much. This is why you have to always ask the right questions, not only to the others, but to yourself as well.

What can I do in this situation to get the best out of it? How can I do it? Why would I do it? How can this be beneficial for the ones around me? You can keep going…

Increasing your knowledge about a particular situation will open a lot more doors towards a successful exit.

6. Take risks

This is a tricky part because you cannot go blindfolded and fight in a war. If you increase your level of knowledge and if you are meticulous, you will be able to take the risks that will most likely turn to your own benefit…This is how you take calculated risks.

7. Know your audience

If we speak in terms of businesses, you need to develop a close connection with your target market. You need to know what your consumer wants and you need to give these consumers the best you can.

Taking time to listen to your consumer’s needs will destroy their beliefs that they are nothing to you but a big pocket full of money. Asking questions will help you create better products for them and better services for their needs.

You are doing a big favor to your business, because your satisfied client is always going to return to you (because he/she trusts you) and he/she will also promote your products and services to others.

This means you have to spend little or nothing on promotion and advertisements.

8. Learn to negotiate

Donald Trump advises to go for win-win situations. Of course, most of the people only think in terms of their interests. However, even if you are a client or a business, seek the situations and results that would bring benefits to both or all parties involved in the deal.

Doing this, you will influence the other parties to always seek for doing business with you. Start by thinking in terms of the other people’s wants and needs, and you will get a clearer picture of the entire situation. Be smart! And you will rise above the competition.

9. Listen to your gut instinct

There is something inside you that tells you when something is wrong. You can feel it, but you can’t explain it. This is your instinct.

Most of the people are born with a good gut instinct, while some people are not. If you are the less privileged, do not despair! You will develop this instinct through experience.

10. Take action!

If there should be only one thing you have to remember from this article, it is to take action. The difference between successful and unsuccessful people is represented by facts and not words.

Successful people are doers, while the unsuccessful people are sayers. – Brian Tracy

Only through constant action you can increase your experience and only through failure you can become better in anything you thrive. Always act and never stop!

As Thomas Watson, the founder of IBM, said: You can become successful by doubling your failure rate.

Once again, please keep in mind that your past and your current status of any kind do not matter. You have to have the desire, the vision, and the urge to take action.

Start by developing the 10 most important attitudes of the richest and most successful people in the world. It does not matter the order. It will become easier as you go along.

I am really interested in hearing which one or more of the 10 attitudes seems the most challenging to you. Please share your comments bellow.


Trump University – Wealth Building 101 – by Donald Trump

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The Power of Self-Confidence by Brian Tracy

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